MasterCard ATM Hunter iPhone App

MasterCard just launched the MasterCard ATM Hunter iPhone app.  There are so many great online banking applications for the iPhone and this looks like another great banking iPhone app.

MasterCard ATM Hunter iPhone App

MasterCard ATM Hunter iPhone App

MasterCard ATM Hunter iPhone App Features

The MasterCard Credit Card Company has really created a great iphone banking app here with ATM Hunter.  ATM Hunter has a directory of over 1 million ATM machines around the country.

In addition to providing a directory of the ATM machine locations in any city in the United States, ATM Hunter uses the iPhone GPS location finder and shows where you are in relation to the ATM location.

But, the MasterCard ATM Hunter app also includes some other great features.  My favorite feature is that it helps you to find surcharge free ATM machines.  I don’t know about you, but I hate paying ATM fees.  Now with this MasterCard Credit Card Company iphone app you can find free ATM machines much faster.

Another cool feature is that it tells you which ATMs are drive-through.  Sometimes when the weather is bad I love finding a drive-through ATM machine.

I think that MasterCard is really understanding the value that mobile banking.  The iphone is a great platform for mobile banking applications.  I think that we are only seeing the beginning stages of the innovation that there will be in mobil banking applications.

The MasterCard ATM Hunter iPhone App is a great utility.  If you own an Apple iPhone, you should definitely check it out.

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