Wilshire State Online Banking System November 2012

Included in this Wilshire State Online Banking System November, 2012 review is information about an account that serves the purpose of being a savings account along with having the ability to write a limited number of checks each month. This is the money market account being offered by Wilshire State Bank of California.

The Wilshire State Bank Money Market account earns interest on the entire balance you have in the bank. The exact bank rates is not disclosed but can be found out if you visit one of their branch offices in the greater Los Angeles area.

To avoid the month serve fee of $10 must maintain a balance of $2,500 in the account all month long or have an average balance of $5,000 for the month.

A minimum deposit of $1,000 is required to open a money market account with Wilshire State Bank. With this account you will have free access to the Wilshire State Bank electronic banking services. This will make it easy for you to view your account balance, recent transactional history and the checks that have been processed by the bank.

You will also have limited access to the electronic money management programs from Wilshire State Bank. This will include the online bill paying program. With it you can literally pay anyone in America, any amount you have on deposit. The limitation is that you are only permitted 6 withdraws or payments each month or a fee will be assessed to the account. This is in accordance with US federal regulations.

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